Stress management and healthy living ; 5 Tips to smash stress

Stress management and healthy living ; 5 Tips to smash stress

stress management

  Stress management is necessary for healthy living , find here the 5 tips to get rid of stress and forget about stress forever :





   Everybody loves to go on a vacation. Who wouldn’t? If you have been in to lots of stressful stuff lately, taking a vacation leave would be a great idea to chill out and de-stress. If you do have an annual vacation leave, it is best you use it up. Why?

   It is a sad predicament for many people who have locked themselves up in a world full of stress and pressures, that they forgot they need rest and some moments of fresh air. Many people do not take vacations often enough. Sometimes, when we do take our vacations, still we would bring our work along. How could we relax? How can we enjoy vacation time if we are preoccupied with work?

Most of us have disregard the benefits a great vacation:

  • Vacations promote emotional and mental wellness. – A good vacation can help you to reconnect with yourself, rediscover yourself and your goals in life, and bring you back to feel your best. More frequent vacations can make you feel happy with your life, and increase the quality of your job performance. Indeed, vacations can make you feel better.
  • Vacations help relieve stress. – People who take vacations regularly are less likely to experience stress and burnout, making them more creative and productive than those who do not. A good vacation provides you plenty of no-stress experiences.
  • Vacations promote health and overall wellbeing. – Vacations can be a perfect time to recharge yourself, thereby keeping you de-stressed and healthier. People who experience more personal time and feel overall satisfaction during vacations are more likely to improve their quality of sleep and mood and outlook in life than those who rarely take vacations.
  • Vacations can strengthen relationships. – Spending your vacation with loved ones can help build lasting relationships. Vacations help you forget the stress of the hard times as you spend time enjoying life and good times with your beloved.

   Taking some time off from the stresses of daily life can offer you the break you need. Vacations provides great amount of time for enjoyment and relaxation, happiness and peace of mind from the ups and downs of life. That way, you can return to your world feeling refreshed and well-equipped to handle new challenges in life

2.Regular Exercise


   Nowadays, benefits of exercise are widely used to help people lose weight and reduce stress. People who exercise regularly normally have stronger heart, have lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, got good overall health, and have improve their sleep than those who do not exercise. Exercise can improve and maintain overall wellness and body condition.

  • Why exercise is important

   Studies have shown that exercise helps reduce anxiety, relieve you from depression, and foster overall of well-being. In addition, moderate exercise can increase stamina and the ability to concentrate on continuous work which means exercise is important because it supports you in handling stress more calmly and resiliently. Exercise just reduces the effect of stress and people manage stress more effectively.

   Exercise can also help create bonds within family. Children who were introduce to exercise can found it to be source of play time and pleasure, gaining strength and agility, having more self-confidence and self-esteem, and offers them many opportunities to develop their social skills by learning to cooperate with each other. For many adult, exercise is an important way to maintain and even improve good health and quality of life. It also helps to lose weight and prevent weight gain.

   Exercise improves nearly all medical conditions in varying degrees, it strengthens your immune system and promotes detoxification, helps keeps you blood pressure within normal limits, and helps your heart pump stronger and slower. Exercise also increases blood flow through gently increasing the size of arteries and veins, this helps prevents cholesterol from clogging arteries.

  • Exercise health benefits

Exercise health benefits combine with proper diet is a great natural treatment for diabetes, improve cardiovascular system, increase metabolism which means exercise can help you lose weight, increase bone density, reduce your risk of heart disease, strengthens your lungs and respiratory system, lowers your cholesterol levels, and many more. Regular exercise can lower your resting heart rate which means your heart is not over working when you are at rest. It is also being found that smokers have easier time quitting smoking habits when they include exercise in their plans.

  • Types of exercise

There are three types of exercise namely Flexibility which involve mainly on stretching such as yoga. Another type of exercise is Aerobic exercise which includes walking, running, swimming, and other exercise which focuses on increasing cardiovascular endurance. Third type of exercise is Anaerobic exercise which involves weight training.

   Exercise need not be strenuous to be effective, it’s not even necessary to exercise every day. Just a moderate exercise a few times a week can result in a great health benefits. Don’t worry if you’ve never exercise before, just start gently and gradually progress to more strenuous activities. We should also remember that the combination of moderate exercise and eating nutritious food with well balance diet is a must to completely have a healthy living experience.

3.Activities and Interest


   How important is it to pursue certain activities and interests? At times, we need certain hobbies to bust the boredom and frustrations everyday life can bring. Our hobbies can provide us the outlet to express our creative side and put out our social skills and analytical strategies into good use.

   There are many activities and fields of interests which we can pursue: Playing sports, painting, playing music, volunteer work, gardening, photography, board games, arts and sciences, and many more. They do more than just to blast away our boredom and to keep us entertained while spending time. They serve to keep our body and mind healthy.

   Certain activities and interests can provide us new material which we can work with. Being exposed to new people and new ideas that we don’t usually encounter daily can give us fresh perspective, something which we never would have gotten otherwise.

   Taking up hobbies can give us a breather from our stressful and frustrating atmosphere, a refuge to seek peace of mind extra motivation. When there are instances that you’re feeling particularly lethargic to work, you sometimes can take a break to enjoy a completely different activity, something new you would like to try. This serves to refresh your mind before you would resume working. Our pursuits can relieve us of the stress and anxiety we feel.

   Your activities can also help you expand your contacts for new opportunities. Some activities can be a chance for a social gathering. Social pursuits can bring you to interact with new people, which can end up with you expanding your clientele market. Your social pursuits can open you up for new contacts, exciting challenges, and better opportunities.

   The most important aspect of taking up activities and interests is the sense of fulfillment that it brings. Certain pursuits can provide you a greater sense of achievement, which you may not find at work sometimes. Our activities bring us to spend more time on ourselves, on the things we value in life, other than just our job. It is a rewarding experience to have other pursuits where you can spend your time and efforts anytime you want.

   Taking up certain activities and interests that we love can bring us to live a healthy life. They help us reflect on the surrounding around us and view the world in a positive way. Our interests help us stay focused and optimistic in life.

4.Socialization and Strong Family Ties


   Keeping strong family ties and getting yourself involved socially can contribute to over-all health and wellness in many ways. Family members and friends can be a great source of strength and moral support when battling health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and obesity, and fighting drug and alcohol addiction. They can even influence you to take up healthy habits and drop unhealthy ones, including your vices. On the other hand, getting yourself involved in the community can help you connect with various people and make friends, providing a great opportunity to discuss health topics and receive support. Maintaining strong family relationship and social ties is indeed important.

5.Happiness and Blooming


   Happiness is a key to good health. It is now one of the most important factors in determining health. Different studies had been conducted to establish the relationship between happiness and good health. It has been demonstrated numerous times that happy people are more likely to live longer and enjoy better health than their unhappy counterparts.

   Happy people are seen to be more optimistic about life, which adds to them enjoying a healthy mentality. Aside from enjoying a longer life span, happy people also develop a strong immune system and powerful resistance against certain health problems, most especially heart disease and colds. If ever they fall sick or experience health problems, they tend to report fewer symptoms. Happiness and other positive emotions do enhance health.

   Happiness is coupled with optimism, positive attitude, good relationships with people, and enjoyment of regular activities, and many happy people carry them out. One important thing that makes up happiness is life satisfaction. Happy people are satisfied with life, providing a major boost to their health.

Stay happy always to enjoy good health.