How to prevent wrinkles? Find here 4 best ways to avoid

How to prevent wrinkles? Find here 4 best ways to avoid


  No one loves wrinkles, especially women – we try to get rid of wrinkles all our life. Who wants to have wrinkles? They make us look older and less attractive. Most women will do anything to get rid of wrinkles from their faces with all kinds of treatments. However, in order to be able to fight wrinkles, we need to know exactly why do we get them in the first place.

Why do we get wrinkles?


  Well, because we get old. With aging comes the reduction of collagen production on the body, causing our skin cells to lose their elasticity and also become thinner. On the other hand, the cells division is slowed down, causing the skin to be less renewed than it used to be. On top of that, as the fat between the cells is lost, some empty spots are formed between the skin cells, due to the inability of the inner skin layers to compensate. All these things cause your skin to dry, sag and form wrinkles.

  Gravity plays its role too. It pulls your skin down, causing wrinkles. The older you are, the more exposed to gravity you were. Exposure to the sun light can also damage your skin (when excessive exposure), causing wrinkles. This excessive exposure triggers the skin to produce even more melanin to protect its outer layer, which may eventually result in skin cancer. Sun light exposure also causes the collagen in your skin to break down at a faster rate making you age faster. To sum things up, the less collagen in your skin the less elasticity it will have, causing wrinkles.

  Free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules) are also formed in your body by excessive exposure to sun light (specifically UV rays), and they also cause collagen to break down at a faster rate than normal. Smoking and pollution can also contribute to the development of free radicals.

  Wrinkles are completely natural in human growth. Although you can’t really avoid them, you may start fighting them back early. There are some cheaper and efficient alternatives to tackle wrinkles besides expensive facelifts and surgery procedures such as wrinkle creams.


Ways to prevent wrinkles :


  1.Get enough sleep – at least 8 hours daily :


  Sleep is most important to prevent wrinkles than people think. Your body uses sleep time to renew itself and keep the stress levels low. And we all know that with aging comes stress. Work, friends, kids, everything plays its part. It is important to avoid stressful environments if you want to reduce your wrinkles.

  2.Avoid too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays :


  You may achieve this with a good sun screen with high SPF protection. Also, do not smoke! It dehydrates your body and burns its nutrients down, along with causing cancer.

  3.Keeping a good healthy diet is also essential :


  Be sure you include veggies and fruits in your meals, they will not only reduce the development of wrinkles but also improve your general health. Fish intake is also recommended, as it helps your body prevent the creation of more free radicals in your body. Avoid caffeine and black tea at all costs.

 4.Get a good cream for wrinkles :


  You may not be able to avoid them, but you can prevent wrinkles as much as you can in order to maintain the young, fresh look.