How to lose weight? 3 Basic steps you must know to lose weight

How to lose weight? 3 Basic steps you must know to lose weight

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  Anyone who has, had, or is trying to lose weight must deal with the frustrations of dieting. Speaking for the general public, the way diet regiments are advertised today is quite frankly frustrating, we see male models with eight packs and ladies with 24 inch waists with banners that say “Look like this in only 4 weeks!” well let me tell you now that no diet regiment out there has the capability to give you that kind of physique in that short of a time frame. Here’s how to lose that 20 pounds and actually enjoy it.

  There is more to it than starving yourself and training 2 hours every day, you see the body works differently for each person’s we may be the same species but the way each body functions is as varied as the number of stars in the night’s sky. Which is why you don’t look like that model you saw in that diet ad even after going thru the whole process she may have done herself, it may have worked great for her but it won’t always be the case for you and the earlier you accept that fact the better chances you have of losing 20 pounds. For that we have 3 basic steps to follow.

  Let’s begin with the topic on body frames, actually the body types given to us by our genes, simply put some people tend to have more muscle and some people are just fat to begin with, that’s

Step 1 :


  To knowing what diet regime is best for you a diet regiment for a burly guy for example may not be suitable for a not so burly one as the burly guy naturally needs more calories to carry his body weight even if he is on a diet.

Step 2 :


  Is knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) this is the rate at which you burn calories without having to exercising. This curve would dictate the pace at which your body is able to lose weight and not the promised 4 weeks on that ad, you can do this by simply timing yourself from the time you ate to the time you felt hungry again, and this is very important as it is connected to the next step.

 Step 3 :


  Is knowing when you are really hungry there are two types of hunger you see, there is physiologic hunger this is hunger that actually exists, cues to this type of hunger may include: Stomach growling, shakiness, and possibly even drowsiness. This is the way of your body telling you “Feed me”. Then there is psychological hunger this is the hunger you feel when your boyfriend decides to break up with you for that slimmer friend of yours, you may also know this as Comfort Feeding, this is the type of hunger you should avoid as it will only lead to more fat and the frustration that naturally follows. Getting steps 1 thru 3 done then you’re now ready to start your diet.