Hair damage and problems, see the best 4 Foods to help you

Hair damage and problems, see the best 4 Foods to help you

hair damage

  Diet for healthy hair is a difficult concept. On the one hand, if suffer from oily hair, avoid fat foods. On the other hand, if your hair is normal, give up alcohol and caffeine in order to maintain their status.

  We should not remind you of the dangers of smoking, but if you still can’t get rid of this habit, take at least a variety of multivitamins which can compensate partially the good agents destroyed by cigarettes.

  We do not intend to cause you immediately say goodbye to your tastes. But – know when enough is enough! Try to substitute coffee with herbal or fruit tea and always mix alcohol with mineral water.

Problem: Oily hair


Possible reason: Increased hormone production or consumption of oily foods in too large quantities.

What to eat: Avoid all junk foods, replace fat dishes with baked ones. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Problem: Dry hair


Possible reason: Excessive use of high-temperature devices for hair styling or lack of vitamin B.

What to eat: Eat foods rich in vitamin B – whole meal bread, brown rice, beans, liver, bananas, nuts, oily fish.

Problem: Lifeless hair


Possible reason: Poor health, excessive use of styling products (such as hair gel or henna), pills and medicines, smoking.

What to eat: Choose foods rich in minerals – green vegetables, avocados, nuts, lentils, cereals, shrimps, oily fish and milk.

Problem: Dandruff, dry hair


Possible reason: Stress, poor health.

What to eat: Reduce consumption of dairy products – they can contribute to dandruff. Select other foods rich in Vitamin A – carrots, radishes, apricots, liver, and fish.