Aromatherapy and Essential oils , 3 DIY bath recipes for Weight Loss

Aromatherapy and Essential oils , 3 DIY bath recipes for Weight Loss

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  Aromatherapy is a treatment to heal your self  by using the extracted oils from natural plants to boost health .Aromatherapy mainly depending on aromatic essential oils to enhance spirit and mind .

Aromatherapy will help you to deal with extra weight problem and as you know the problem of weight loss occupies the minds of many women. They are looking for miraculous diets, do special exercises, eat tasteless oatmeal, and manage to lose 5 pounds per week. Then those hated pounds come back again and the woman begins a new struggle – not with the pounds, but with herself. And few people suspect that we should not fight with ourselves, we should just be ourselves. They should eat what they want – not what other family members eat, do things they love, eat as if it’s something like breathing -easily and natural.

  It is a pity that we do not teach this in school. It is a pity that we forget about ourselves trying to meet the ideals. It is possible to return to elegance and self-confidence with the help of essential oils. You should not assume that this is a magical tool for weight loss such as dietary supplements and pills.

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  Essential Oils are really magical means, but they must be used correctly. This is not just an extract from a plant, it’s like their souls.

  Any aromatherapy session is a ritual and magical rite. Try to visit at least one self-respecting SPA-center. You won’t see there sad or nervous employees or administrators. The atmosphere itself reminds of rest, quietness and comfort. Make a small spa-salon at home. Buy essential oils at any chemist’s shop and spend at least half an hour a day for yourself.

*Scents can help reduce your appetite!


  Some scents reduce appetite. If you like sweets, do smell vanilla essential oil or even the usual vanilla. Before each meal inhale any citrus or cinnamon oil. These oils create a feeling of satiety – even if you can’t refuse from food, you still eat less than usually.

*Bath for Weight Loss:


  Even the simplest bath with aromatic oils is a procedure that helps to lose weight. One just needs to know how and what to add. Here are a few recipes:

1- Bath for slimming and skin tightening:


– 3 drops of lemongrass oil;

– 4 drops of rosemary oil;

– 2 drops of fennel oil;

– half cup of sea salt.

  Mix oil with salt and dissolve it in water. Take a bath, imagining you are happy and beautiful. Do not take a shower after the bath.

2- Bath and lymphatic drainage:


– 3 drops of geranium oil;

– 2 drops of hyssop oil;

– 3 drops of lemongrass oil;

– 2 drops of carrot oil;

– a quarter cup of apple vinegar.

  Dissolve all the oils in apple vinegar and add it to the bath. You can do it once a week. Just in a couple of months of regular baths you’ll notice that your skin is smooth, bags under your eyes disappear, and the extra weight is gone.

3- Oils for your waist :


  Abdominal massage with essential oils will help reduce weight and get rid of cellulite. Add 4 drops of fennel oil to 30 ml of grapeseed oil. Rub oil into the skin in a clockwise direction. Do it immediately after a hot bath. Do massage until you get tired. Do not wash the oil, let it fully absorb into the skin.