9 Tips for Healthy Life style

9 Tips for Healthy Life style

Healthy diet
Healthy diet

    A Healthy Life style is never a dream. In this busy, competitive world, life have become so hectic that one is unable to cope up with the job pressure, mental tensions and relationships and to strike a balance between them has become a hardship. Here are some tips that help to lead a good balanced life.

1.Importance of early mornings for a healthy life style


  Today’s youth are getting habituated to sleep late in the night and wake up very late in the morning. One misses early morning charm by getting up late. Try to sleep as early as possible. So that obviously you can wake up early. Synchronize your wake up time with the early morning cheering voices of birds. Breathe some fresh air. Wait for the Sun to kiss your skin. Try it once it will make you rediscover yourself. It is said that “well begun is half done”. The same applies here good early mornings keep your day very energetic and colorful.

2.Sleep sleep sleep:


  It’s a fact that an individual needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily. It’s not all that true. It depends on one’s body condition. Even good 6-hour sleep keeps a man active all day. So sleep balanced. Anyway 7 hours of sleep per day is recommended. Make sure you sleep pleasantly without any sort of disturbance. Even meditation will fetch you a lot of mental peace and good health. Just 15 minutes of meditation is equal to a sleep of 1hr.

3.Power naps:


  You can make use of the power naps i.e nothing but short sleeps. That is with duration of say 10 to 15 min.If you feel tired during afternoons or evenings just sit back relax and close your eyes. Give your eyes some rest. Try keeping of some cotton pads or else cucumber pieces on your eyes. It is same as a charging a cell phone’s battery. It boosts you to work long hours. Power naps are highly recommended in today’s busy life style.

4.Say no to smoking, fast foods, pizzas and burgers :


  Today the youth are so much habituated to eat lots of junk food like pizzas, burgers etc. It is highly recommended to reduce the intake of these items. It does a lot of harm to you. Prefer salads, fresh fruits, nuts, milk shakes etc. And please don’t smoke it kills. Not just your health also your money and your social status. A line from a cancer hospital reads this way “The only product that kills its best customer is tobacco”. This simplifies the story.

5.Play with kids:


  The world of kids is so very wonderful. We run behind several ways in order to get rid of pressure and to have some sort of relaxation. But a kid’s smile sweeps away all sort of worries. Just spend few minutes with them it does miracles.

6.A healthy life style Requires a Break Fast:


  Please make sure that you don’t skip your break fast as you are hurry bury in the morning going to office or college. As a result of this you eat more in the afternoons, which make your food cycle disturbed. It may be breakfast, lunch, snacks or supper have everything all in a limited quantity.

7.Have some social responsibility:


  Don’t just think for your own needs. Your innovative ideas can give life to many poor people. Try to develop awareness among illiterates regarding health and hygiene. It gives you immense self-satisfaction.

8.Face any situation with a smile:


  What ever happened is happened. Though it might seem like sort of philosophy it’s true. You me or in simple none could change anything. What’s in our hands is to make sure not to get depressed for every petty incident and should bounce back. Let us be prepared to face it with a smile. Believe me Life will surely get tired of troubling you one day. Listen to some cool music that makes your heart liter, joy, passionate and thump. Make your heart do the jumping.

9.Balanced diet:


  A balanced diet is the one with which strikes a balance between the proteins, carbs, fats etc. Make sure to have a glass of milk daily it will enhance the bone strength. Add fresh green vegetables. Eat an egg a day. Add some fruits. Prefer coconut water to thumps up or coke. Coconut water has ability to cool your body, has some valuable minerals too. Prefer an apple to a sweet. Soft drinks increase your thirst.

  These are all the tips that can help to you maintain a good healthy lifestyle with peace. Health is wealth. Though we are getting advanced technologically by all means. We are not leading a peaceful life ahead. So try to maintain peace. Spread smiles. Keep loving. Stay healthy