6 Weight Loss Tips for New Moms

6 Weight Loss Tips for New Moms

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  It is said it takes 9 months to put on pregnancy weight and another 9 months to take that weight off. However, if you are struggling to get rid of those additional pounds, the following tips may help you.


1.Pre-cook meals


  Taking care of a baby takes a lot of time and you may prefer to eat on the go instead of cooking. However, this can throw your weight plans down the pipe. Choose instead to set some time to precook some meals for the week, ensuring you eat properly.




  Choose to take a walk to the grocery store and do some errands by foot, instead of driving. Choose stairs instead of elevators, and take your baby to your local park. This will allow you to make some casual exercise helping you shed the extra pounds off and make your limbs exercise harder.


3.Cook your own food


  I’ve mentioned before but this step is very important. Avoid pre-cooked meals from the supermarket and seek to cook your own food. Pre-cooked meals are not healthy and are overflowing in salt and saturated fats, which will sabotage your diet plan. By choosing to cook your own meals, you’ll be able to monitor your calorie intake and rest sure you eat only healthy food. Swim




  Swimming is not only a good way to relax; it will also make your entire body exercise. Invite some family members and you can all have some fun without straining yourself.




  A vast majority of new moms say the concept of breastfeeding is unpleasant, and the fact your baby needs milk every three hours may seem unappealing. However, studies have found breastfeeding helps to shed between 200-600 calories per day.


6.Exercise with friends


  Inviting a mate for a fitness class or for a walk in the park is a great way to do some exercise while having some fun. It will help you also to stay motivated! If you are feeling nervous about your body, you may choose to invite another new mom you know to be your exercise partner; you may motivate each other.